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How To Choose A Agoura Hills Lasik Eye Surgeon

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Selecting anAgoura Hills Lasik eye surgeon is an important decision when it comes to your eye health. Choosing the wrong physician can result in a devastating experience in which injury, permanent eye damage, or even blindness can occur. To avoid these unpleasant scenarios, it is vital that proper research be conducted and that an eye surgeon’s medical career background and professional track record be thoroughly checked.
Begin by checking the following three important qualifications: licensing, board certification, and American Board of Ophthalmology (ABS) membership. If a surgeon you are researching lacks either of these, you should eliminate him from your list and move on to the next candidate. An eye surgeon is a big decision and you should in no way compromise on your standard of excellence and care for such an important procedure.
You can check up on a potential surgeon’s licensing by contacting the state licensing board or the National Practitioner Data Bank. Either establishment will be able to confirm a physician’s credentials. Once you have verified the license, inquire regarding whether the surgeon’s is also certified to practice his specialty. Organizations such as the American Board of Ophthalmology is an example of an entity that requires their physicians to complete additional training for their specialized area of practice.
The final qualification you will need to confirm is your surgeon’s membership with the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS). This organization holds Lasik surgeons accountable to high standards of ethical standards. Verifying these credentials will inspire more confidence as you begin to move through the process of Lasik eye surgery.
Look for a Lasik eye surgeon who treats patients with respect and dignity, showing compassion throughout every procedure. These are additional qualities to search for when looking for a Lasik eye surgeon. You will require a doctor who is willing to work with you while making you feel comfortable. He will be able to explain matters in terms you understand so as to calm your fears regarding any procedure.
In Agoura Hills, Los Angeles Dr. Khanna is the head ophthalmologist and practicing Lasik eye surgeon at the Khanna Institute of Lasik. He is one such physician who will check out on all points of qualifications. He has been officially recognized as one of the best laser vision correction surgeons in the nation. Going to him for Lasik eye surgery ensures that the safest and most successful procedure you can have.
Careful research regarding your future Lasik eye surgeon is time well spent that will help the entire medical process run smoothly. Dr. Khanna is one such specialist in Agoura Hills who will meet all of your requirements and provide you with the best Lasik eye surgery experience available.

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