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Release Stress & tension with KVI Yoga

Immerse yourself into the world of mindful flexibility that releases tension and stress from all your body. Yoga plus Khanna Vision Eye care enhances your Yoga benefits manifolds.


At Khanna Vision, Yoga is a way of Life

Yoga can have more benefits if your eyes co-ordinate better during meditation. So that eyes communicate better with other organs of the body and relax better for amazing results.

Khanna Vision Yoga Benefits

Why get free consult?

Inner Balance

Yoga can give you more benefits if the present conditions of your eyes are 100% ok

Holistic approach

Start your day with calm thoughts which can only come if your eyes, heart, mind are calm

Basic approach

Even a small pain or problem in eye which is not detected at early stages can result in slow yoga results


Target your all energy at one place when we close our eyes for meditation

Fitness and Health

Fitness and health is related to eyes. Better if we learn the basics early

Eyes & Yoga

Pain or any disease in eyes will not give 100% yoga benefits

Join for a Free Eye Yoga Coordination Consult. It’s on us!


What our patients say

Dr. Khanna waved a magic wand and made my astigmatism disappear. It helped me a lot in my acting career by eliminating the glare from overhead lights.


I recommend people to see Dr. Khanna for LASIK vision correction.